About Pyramids Energy

Pyramids Energy's keen knowledge of the electrical industry has helped us develop solutions that answer the needs of today's clients

Our specialist and skilled professional Engineers very active in the utilities and private energy market, managing a package of electromechanical products and services.

In consideration of our good reputation and good connection with utilities and electric authorities of the main countries in our area (Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Bangladesh, Algeria, Malaysia, Philippines & Ethiopia), we are very much interested to have with your company a mutual benefit and long term cooperation

Our Mission

Respond to the diversified requirements with multifaceted solutions in order to contribute to the Industry living up to customer's expectations and satisfaction.

Our Vision

To become a solution provider in the Electrical Industries in Middle East and other main Countries near our area for the near future.

Core Values

Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, and Efficiency. Our Core Values which will lead us to our success and growth as we move forward

Our Projects

BISSAN 33kv I/D Terminations 1cx300mm2 XPLE Aluminum Cable Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 33kv I/D Terminations 1cx300mm2 XPLE Aluminum Cable per cable both side 2014
Emirates Steel Installation works from MSS to RO Plant Phase I Removal of old 11kv cable and installation of new 11kv cable (provided by emirates steel) from MSS to RO Plant(Phase I) 2014
Site Technology Supply and Installation of Transformer and QRM-MOI Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of:
1.Distribution Transformers
3. MV Cable
4.LV Cable
5.Joint & Termination
Drake & Scull Danat El Emarat Supply, Installation and Testing of 11kV cables and terminations 2014
ETA FEWA Contract E10/2011 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 33/11kV substation 2014
IMECO Takreer Project Dismantling and shifting of 25/30MVA 33/11kV Transformer 180-TMM-0A from SS-0 at Ruwais Refinery for repairing, painting and shifting back to site and assembling, testing and commissioning to be back into service including installation of all power cable and control cable.
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 132/33kV Transformer at SS1400 Gasoline Plant including Supply and Installation of 132kV Sealing End Termination.
Supply and Installation of 33kV Indoor Termination and Straight Through Joint.
AGTHIA Zayed Mina Port Maintenance of private cables
1.Replacement of LV cables
2. Repairing of circuit breaker
IMECO Masdar & Siemens HQs Infrastructure Design Services 1.Supply and Installation of Cable Joints for 22kV 3Cx300mm2 Cable
2.Supply and Installation of Cable Terminations, Heat Shrinkable for 22kV 3Cx300mm2 Cable
Envicon Emirates Al Gharebah Installation work:
1. Plug-In type termination euromold
2. Heat shrink termination
3. LV cable glanding
ELMECH Modification of LV Busbar and LV Cable Termination, Testing and Commissioning and Operations Earth load to be connected at both end of earth busbar of MDB
Sufficient number of volts to be provided for termination of bus ways without outgoing breakers
Modification of Busbar in Panel P1&P2&P7&P8&P9&P12
Modification of cable in Panel P1&P2&P7&P8&P9&P12


Mobile Grid Station

Package substations


Kiosks and Enclosure


Power Control Systems

Protection Relays

Jointing work up to 400 kV

Cable Laying up to 145 kV

Testing and Commissioning

Overhead Lines up to 36kV

Oil Filtration & Regeneration

On-Line Partial Discharge


Overhead Lines up to 36kV

Maintenance of Transformers and Substation

Director's Message

With more than 25 years of experience in the UAE and with progress of Electrical Industry, OUR TEAM has always provided cost effective Electrical Solutions that focused on customer's needs through the development of Expert Application , engineering Maintenance , hands-on field training and continuous support.

It is my pleasure to present our Company Profile which will give you further information about our business Activities . Our team and resources intend to make tireless effort to respond to the diversified requirements with multifaceted solutions in order to contribute to the Industry, living up to Customer's expectations and satisfaction.

We will appreciate your continuous support and additional guidance as we move forward to growth and success.
Nabil Mostafa



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